Counselling and Psychotherapy North London

counselling north london

Are you looking for help?

Feeling depressed; lonely; stuck; anxious; struggling to cope; traumatised by something in your past; struggling with addictions; does nothing make sense or perhaps you just want to be heard?

You are not alone and need not be.

Millions of people around the world prefer having someone to talk to about their emotional issues rather than becoming dependant on taking anti-depressants or other medications.

I am a fully qualified UKCP Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Mental Health professional of many years standing and will be happy to listen and help you to make some sense of your story. I specialise in dream interpretations. I also work with couples who require relationship counselling. counselling north london

I am an equal opportunities practitioner and will work with anyone, irrespective of age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, personal beliefs or background.

I accept and embrace diversity in all of its manifestations.

If you are seeking counselling/psychotherapy in North London I work from two different locations which cover the catchment areas of Holloway, Camden, Islington, Archway, KentishTown, TufnellPark, Crouch End, Highgate; I also have a practise that covers Haringey, Enfield, Barnet, Wood Green, Palmers Green and surrounding areas. To find me from any of these locations would be a short journey, no more than one bus or a couple of stops on the tube. Please contact me on 07861 796578.